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Add your web site to our growing web site directory. was created so that struggling websites can have a place where they can link their sites to the Google search engine community. Please contact us to add your web site to a category which most closely represents your web site's content.  Help us grow the Link Sage directory.



  • A-1 Resources
    Discover a resource directory of useful and interesting ideas.   Just click on the links for helpful ideas and tips on any subject.  Find the most popular searches on the internet. 
  • Abilene Boots
    Western boots for men and women made right here in the good ole USA. Sage western style boots for cowboys and cowgirls.
  • Alejandro Benitez Dental
    Dental work including fillings, root canal and crowns at very affordable prices in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico -  

    Bates Shoes
    The best manufacturer of military and law enforcement type boots is also the oldest. Bates has been making footwear for military and security personnel for over 100 years. 

    All about boats and boating, your complete boating resource.

    Find the most popular boots from the leading boot manufacturers in US.  Buy online with secure shopping cart and no hassles. First rate customer service. 

  • Bishop
    The leading boot manufacturers' snake boots offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. 

  • Camo99
    This Brush Country camouflage clothing features a unique pattern of greens, creams, and light browns that work well in the brush country of South Texas or anywhere there is brush or trees.  Made in the USA from premium materials.

  • Snake Proof Boots
    Everyone is already familiar with the quality of Chippewa, Justin, Danner, LaCrosse.  Here is the best of their SnakeBoots.

  • Chase the Star
    Remember your old Converse All Stars? How about Florsheims? Now they are making work boots and shipping directly from the manufacturer. Check them out at
  • Chippewaboots
    You can order comfortable Chippewa boots and have them shipped to your home or office today directly from the manufacturer.  Chippewa has been making boots for over 100 years and they know how to build a comfortable boot.  While they began with boots for loggers they now offer snakeboots, motorcycle boots, and work boots in plain toe and steel toe. 

  • Chippewa-Boots
    You receive outstanding service and unsurpassed value for their money when you order online from These Chippewa boots are not seconds or scratch and dent.  They are first quality boots at very reasonable prices. And they offer the best snake proof boot too.

  • Danner Boots
    Danner has been providing the best quality boots for over 75 years. Hunting, hiking, working or for uniform boots try Danner Boots for long lasting good fit.

  • Dan Post Boots
    Dan Post is known for its cowboy and western style boots.  They also are the manufacturers of Laredo, Dingo, and John Deere Boots.

  •  Doctor in Mexico
     Look here if you are in need of doctor at real reasonable prices or insurance coverage.

  • Filson Gear
    Manufactured in the Northwest, Filson has been providing the best quality outdoor gear for over 108 years. C. C. Filson inherited his father's pioneer spirit and love of the outdoors, hunting, hiking, working, Filson is the best.

  • Free Fall University
    Clear Skies and light breezes are what make sky diving in Spain a truly remarkable experience.  Discover for yourself the pleasures and thrill of free fall.

    GameGuard Camo
    This new camouflage pattern features green leaves and prickly pear cactus on a tan background, very classy looking.

  • Freewebs .com
    Discover professional hosting services at incredibly reasonable prices.  Help building web sites and domain registration available also.

  • Georgia Durango Boots
    Online catalog dedicated to fine work boots and western boots from Georgia boot company and Durango,  also featuring models from Dickies. Georgia and Durango both make boots for men and women and some boots for children too.
  • Gilleyswesternstore
    New Site developing the best collection of Filson Products, Filson Bags and Camouflage clothing.

  • Hat Country
    Offering a great selection of name brand western hats, boots, leather and apparel.
  • Harley Davidson Boots
    Better research makes better boots. Pull on a pair and lets go for a ride. People have said they are the most comfortable riding boots in the world today.

  • Hunting World
    Hunting Guide - Top 100 Hunting places, hunting lodges and hunting animal information

  • John Deere Boots
    Rugged as the green machinery they represent, these John Deere Boots all pass the shovel test with their steel shank and toughness.

  • Justin Boot Store
    Online picture catalog of Justin Roper and Justin classic western boots for men and women.  Features the boot collection named after world renown recording artist George Strait and exotic boots made of elephant, lizard, and ostrich.

  • Justin Footwear
    All the footwear from Justin in one place.  Western boots for men and women and workboots from the Justin Original Workboots collection.

    Justin Time Boots
    Justin Work steel toe boots and snake boots and cowgirl boots and Packers from Justin Boot Company.  Premium made in America boot as well as made overseas.   Americans love their Justin Ropers.

  • LaCrosse Boots
    LaCrosse hunting boots and steel toe rubber boots and other coverings from LaCrosse.  They also make premium fire and acid suits, dielectric overshoes, and aprons for hazardous work areas.

  • LaCrosse Footwear
    Footwear from LaCrosse including the popular Polar insulated boots that keep your feet warm in temperatures down to -40 degrees - Perfect for cold storage and cold winters. Rubber boots, waders, and industrial safety clothing available at very reasonable prices.

  • Link Sage
    Link Sage is a growing web site directory to interesting places on the web.  Click this link to see sitemap.

  • Logan Farms        
    Logan Farms cares about quality meats and they ship honey hams and turkey across the street or across the country.

  • Mastercard Credit Card
    Mastercard Credit Card, Visa, American Express, Discover - Low or no Annual Fees and Low Interest Rates - Apply online
  • Mexico Dentist
    Lots of Americans are finding good dental work including root canals, crowns, fillings and dentures at bargain prices right across the border in Mexico.

  • Montana Pitch Blend
    Leather protection blends that protect and waterproof boots and other leather products.  Ask for Francesca Weeks
  • , she is my girlfriend.
  • Motorcycle Boots USA
    Motorcycle boots for bikers who ride in the USA.  Unfortunatelly very few boots are manufactured in the USA any more.  Chippewa is the exception.

  • Mossy Oak Break Up Camo
    Look good in the coffee shop and in the woods.  Nature's best camouflage clothing brought back to you from  Order today and get same day shipping.

  • My Air Shoes
    My Air Shoes is updated daily with new fashion/sports related products & information.
  •    Reebok  Air Jordan  Nike
  • My Lady Dog
    Adventure and naps from the best black dog in the world.  From the couch to the ocean shore this is one fun dog and she is lovable too.

  • My Web Trader
    Your online shopping portal. No traffic snarls or parking problems. Shop from the comfort of your own home.

  • Twisted X Boots        
    Twisted X Boots is new boot company and they care about you and build quality and comfort into every pair of their boots.

  • OC Boots
    Custom catalog of boot stores and leather works.  Designed for quick access to the world of footwear Wolverine Boots,
  •  Dan Post, John Deere, Durango, Dingo, Doc Marten
  • Outdoor Country
    Chasing the magic of outdoors activity from fishing to hunting to archery to bird watching. We love the outdoors.

  • OC Footwear
    Offering John Deere boots for men women and children in South Texas at Outdoor Country or order online and have them shipping directly to you.
  • Please Buy a Boot
    Spontaneous, easy to order boots from Rocky Boot, divided into hiking, hunting, and cold weather boots on one page and steel toe and plain toe work boots on the next page.  Pictures of lady dog too.

  • Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal        
    We care about protecting you and the environment. If you have a snake problem anywhere in central or northern California, call us.

  • Red Wing Worx
    These Red Wing Boots are first quality boots manufactured overseas for economy and durability.  These steel toe work boots are drop shipped directly to you from Red Wing MN.

  • Rio Paisano
    Available for Spanish speaking Americans, this site offers interesting articles and lifestyle possibilities.

  • Robert Stump Studios
       Creating New American Classics in Lighting and Decorative Arts

  •   Silver Rounds - Protect yourself from fiscal crisis and inflation.  Silver is sometimes better investment than gold at more reasonable price.  Order the silver and take delivery to be safe.   

  • Snake Boots
    Nature and wildlife are kept out with snake proof boots from the premier snake boot site on the internet.  Guaranteed Snake bite protection with snake boots from Chippewa, Rocky, Justin, Irish Setter, LaCrosse, and Georgia Boot.  Enjoy your outside activities without always looking down at your feet.  

  • Snake Guards
    Enjoy your trip outdoors including flowers,  photography, animals, butterflies, birds, landscapes, bluebonnets, Texas Missions, sunsets, caverns and caves.  Snake Guardz come in all sizes to fit men, women, and children and are guaranteed to stop all bites from poisonous reptiles. They also let air flow to keep you cool.

  • Snake Bite Protection.Com
    At SnakeBiteProtection you will find quality made snakeboots and snake proof gaiters and chaps. You can depend on quality when you buy.

  • Steel Toe Boots
    Find and compare steel toe work boots from major manufacturers in the USA>Steel toe boots from Red Wing, Justin, Chippewa, Georgia, Durango, Rocky, LaCrosse and Dickies are available here.  Buy with confidence with secure online shopping cart and have your new boots delivered to you in a week or less.

  • Steel Toe Red Wing Boots
    Different styles for different situations, Red Wing Boots continue to offer outstanding value with their new line of Worx by Redwing. Manufactured overseas, these Red Wing Boots offer exceptional value at economical price.

  • Tony Lama Boots
    For style and comfort in western and cowboy type boots - Tony Lama. They are at home at the rodeo as well as on the dance floor.

  • Teen Boot Camp
    Help for troubled teens or teens with emotional or psychological problems.

  •   Twisted X Boots -  Better work boot at more reasonable price.  Order the Twisted X work boots and snakeboots online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep.   

  • Uniform
    Boots and shoes worn by military and law enforcement and security personnel around the world.

  • Wolverine Boots
    Comfortable boots for the working man and working woman. Wolverines offer durashock, multishox, and fusion technology to keep your feet happy.

  • Worx by Redwing
    We offer the finest Redwing boots with steel toes for the working man.  These boots are manufactured overseas and drop shipped to you from Red Wing MN.  Guaranteed ANSI 75 Steel toe protection in a competitively priced work boot.

  • Work Boots by Chippewa
    Work  boots with steel toes and snake boots for the outdoorsman.  Chippewa makes comfortable boots.
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